We can produce only 100units for you and to support your Product Launching and Test Marketing program with a minimum Start-Up cost.


Products in powder form such as collagen, fiber, coffee, and chocolate, which freshly made and packed in aluminium pack.


Mainly powder being filled in small capsule made in gelatin.

Tea bag

Crushed herbs, which roasted befor packed into tea.


Produce from powder or granules, which can be from through compresseion molding.



Standardized extract which are instant water soluble can be use in capsule, tablet or beverages drink.


Taste that suits customer's preference, such as sweet, sour and etc.


Re-packing of imported product, box packing, labeling, candy, grain, rice, oil, candy, milk powder, etc


Aning Features of:

We make OEM exclusively for you.

We produce your product by only halal certified and fresh raw material !

More than 100 types of OEM different information available for you.

1 customer = exclusively binded 1 formulation.


Support your start up with small order quantity.

Quality and fresh material from local and oversea.

Direct from farm and freshly produced.

Provide your own raw material !!

can bring in your own raw material, package material, boxes for your new unique product.

We encourage flexibility! Client can provide their raw material and packaging material to us to process, packing or re-packing.

Your Worries